To collect technical errors that occur within various business systems on the web, and deliver them to the correct recipient in order
to be dealt with accordingly.


The Factory WatchDog software gathers error messages from existing data sources.
It prioritizes the failure signals according to predetermined rules, helping to avoid "alert-blindness" for people who receive a large
amount of warning messages.

The prioritized alerts are sent via various channels (e-mail, SMS). In addition, the software visually displays the collected data on
a web interface, showing an overview of the failures that occurred during a specific period.

The Factory WatchDog aggregates the data of general monitoring software (Munin, Nagios) connected to a particular websites'
operating environment with the help of Greylog2 (log management system).

The collected data is shown in a transparently displayed web-based interface. It is possible to set and prioritize where and how
notifications about the failure alerts are sent.


The Factory WatchDog software currently supports the following features:

- Ping Alert - Sends a notification if the server does not respond to a ping.
- Completeness alert - Sends a notification if a page does not load properly (based on http response codes).
- Functional Alert - Sends a notification in case of a database connection error.
- Errors of external sources warning alert - Sends a notification if content from external sources (eg, XML feeds) fails to load.